Writing About Writing

My feelings towards writing are strong and positive, which is probably why I chose the Middle Level Education Language Arts track. I’ve always had good experiences with writing. When I first learned to write in elementary school, teachers praised me on how neat my handwriting appeared. When I started doing more serious and in-depth writing in middle school, teachers praised me on how well I was able to put my thoughts and ideas onto paper. In high school, I explored and experimented with many different types of writing, as I challenged myself in honors English courses. Now, as a college student, I still love it. I admit that at the collegiate level, writing tends to cause a bit more stress than I would prefer, but what doesn’t?

I find that I enjoy the writing process the most when I am writing about things that interest me. My writing assignment could be anything from a 1-page response to a 10-page research paper; but if I am writing about something I care about, it is actually…fun! A common English assignment that begins around the middle school age is the dreaded research paper. I’ve had a few research assignments in the past that have been more structured, but having the flexibility to choose the direction of my paper makes the assignment go much smoother. Some of my grade school teachers must not have known that…

Basically, I like to write. And if I don’t stop now, I’ll keep writing about writing forever!


2 thoughts on “Writing About Writing

  1. Hilary, I totally agree with you when you say writing is fun when the topic is something you care about. I’m definitely not big on writing research papers and so forth, but I like writing reflections and things of that nature. It’s so easy to write about something you care about than something you have no interest for or don’t even know what it is.

    I can remember in high school, we never really wrote reflections, but it seemed like all the papers we wrote were all about researching. That is probably why I’m not a huge fan of writing today. I remember writing journal entries while reading The Diary of Anne Frank. I absolutely loved that because it was something I wanted to write about and about a topic that I was very interested in. When we become middle school teachers, I want my students to love writing just as much as you do! 🙂

  2. Hilary,
    I can tell by how creative your writing is that writing is something you enjoy. As a math person, sometimes the words i need don’t ever come to me but looking at your writing gives me hope. You make it look so easy and that is very inviting. It makes you want to try to have your own writing be just like that. I think you chose the right track and I know that you will inspire others to write too.

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