Poetry Cafe

  • “Shoes” by Hilary Seserko
  • Poetry of two voices
  • Visuals: A tennis shoe and a high heel
Sneakers:                                Heels:
I am a shoe                            I am a shoe
My sole is worn                    My sole is stiff
from pounding                      from stomping
on pavement.                         on pavement.
I smell like sweat,                I smell like perfume,
endurance, and pain.          excitement, and pain.
I give support.                        I give confidence.
I am a challenge.                  I am fancy.
I only hang out with             I only hang out with
sports bras, t-shirts,             dresses, skirts,
and spandex.                          and tights.
I can run,                                 I can work,
train,                                         teach,
cycle,                                         dance,
climb.                                        impress.
I am strong                              I am powerful
only when I join                    only when I join
                           with her foot.

One thought on “Poetry Cafe

  1. Hilary, I love this poem! It made me smile and laugh just thinking of how each shoe really makes you feel. I liked how you did the poetry in two voices, I forgot about this type of poem and it definitely expressed your idea and point of the poem.

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