Today I may or may not have accidentally bought 11 books at the Goodwill. And on top of the books that a former English teacher just sent me, that may or may not mean that I have 16 books patiently waiting for me to pick up and read, read, READ! Unfortunately, this semester is jam-packed with work and craziness that I don’t have much free time, let alone reading time. However, I’m going to try to get through at least a few of them this break! I read at the gym today, while on a stationery bike. It feels good to jump into a whole new world 🙂

Books I bought from the Goodwill (only $13?! Please and thank you!):

Okay, those last two really prove that I am a future English teacher…

And when I get back to school, I will post the titles of the ones I have waiting for me at my apartment!


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