Home Is Where The Memoir Is

This post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. It is, after all, spring break. Although when you are an education major at IUP, spring break is not a free-pass for a week of no work. I have plenty of things to do, including 3 unit plans! One of my other assignments is the memoir; the first draft is due  on the Monday after break.

My memoir is about a family story that tends to resurface every year at Christmas time. Of course, it is a hilarious memory and a story that never gets old. As I sit here to start my draft, I cannot help but reflect on my wonderful family.

I am extremely close with my family. They are so supportive and caring; I love them so much! When I think about the story for my memoir, so many other funny and happy memories come to my mind. I love thinking about these times, and it makes me miss the good old days. I have only been home for 2 days so far on this break, but that has been plenty of time for me to enjoy my family. I am so happy that I still have an entire week to spend with them. I better get my work done so that I can relax on my break! 🙂


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