Memoir Reflection

This memoir assignment was a lot of fun to write. With the rough past year that I just had to endure, there were plenty of sad or depressing things I could have written about. But I didn’t want to do that. During this stressful semester, it was really refreshing to be able to do an assignment that was more light-hearted and personal. This is probably why it was so easy to write as well. I felt like once I finally decided on my topic, the story poured out of me like it was just yesterday.

During the drafting process, some of the activities we did in our writer’s notebooks helped guide me to exactly what I wanted to write; I knew that I would enjoy reminiscing on a family memory best because that I found that is where all of those activities led me. I thought that writing about something that all of us 90’s kids could relate to would also make it fun for my peers to read.

I think the final draft of my memoir is of great quality. I am very satisfied with the idea I chose, and worked really hard on incorporating strong elements of voice, word choice, and sentence fluency. I think the organization took care of itself because I cannot change the sequence of events that happened. However, one creative thing I did with organization was tying my opening paragraph to my closing one. I think my strongest element in this piece is my voice; I put my individuality and personality into the story. When someone reads my memoir, I feel like they would definitely be able to hear my actual voice behind it, as if I am reading it to them in their minds. This concept kind of flows into the category of word choice, as well. The words I used to tell my story really support my personality and the humor I was trying to convey.

I enjoyed writing a piece that was more relaxed and personal. As a writer, it is important to vary the styles you work with, and it has definitely been a while since I was able to do that. This also applies to my role as a future teacher of writing because I know my students will have the same kind of feelings, especially as middle school students. Although this more relaxed type of writing does not necessarily have to be a memoir, I think it would be a great thing to do in the classroom. Memoirs are based on a middle school student’s favorite subject: themself!

I liked the workshop of sharing our memoirs. I thought the addition of creating digital versions made it really fun and unique. Both my writer’s group and those that I worked with today gave me much of the same feedback: they enjoyed the humor, details, and intro/conclusion connection. This made me feel good because I was nervous about not adding any more dialogue, but I think my story is effective without it!


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