Old McMiddlers had a farm…

Last week our cohort took a field trip to Dr. Twiest’s farm…and it was awesome! The weather was perfect, there was plenty of good food, and we actually learned a lot of cool things. One of the main goals of a good environmental science program is to teach your students not to be afraid of the outdoors- and before this trip, I definitely had some reservations. I am not AFRAID of the outdoors, but I also am not its BIGGEST FAN. Regardless, I knew it wouldn’t be too bad since I was going with 20 of my best friends and we were cooking breakfast over an open fire. I even enjoyed the actual science/muddy/woodsy stuff. So, congrats Twiest family- your house can be go-to my environmental science program any day! Here are some pics…

Trust me, I am a strong advocate of technology. But this experience really proved that putting down that iPad or turning off the SmartBoard could be more beneficial than you think! 😉


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