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To get a 30 second preview, watch my About Me Animoto video, then come back and find out more…


I am from traditions

From game nights and holidays and

Friday means pizza, and Sunday means spaghetti.

I am from my grandma’s meatballs,

the excitement in our tummies

when the smell reached us in the basement.

I am from the McDonald’s playground,

card games, and those little hand-held games.

I am from west wind,

a taste of suburbia, it is the perfect place to grow up.

I am from a Blue Ribbon school district,

with teachers who shaped me,

classes that challenged me,

and friends that made me.

I am from sports

From black and yellow

to blue and gold.

I am from days with mommy,

and running to the door

when daddy got home.

I am from beauty,

laughter, and love.


My name is Hilary Seserko. Currently, I am a junior at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and studying Middle Level Education Language Arts. This means that I’ll be certified to teach grades 4-8, with a specialization in language arts for grades 7-8. Yay!

I’m very passionate about children and education. Knowledge is powerful and never-ending. Teachers are the reason that we are where we are today, and I consider it the most important job in the world. The TeachingChannel on YouTube agrees, and supports the idea that “teach” is a big word through a very simple video that I love:

I always knew I was going to be a teacher. When I was a little girl, I would play “school” in my basement with a little chalkboard and fold-out table. I was also one of those kids that actually liked going to school (yes, even high school!) Sure, I hated my alarm clock every morning, but as soon as I walked in the building, I forgot about feeling tired. I was then with my friends who I loved, teachers that made me laugh, and always something new to learn and conquer. When choosing a career path, you are also choosing where you want to go every day for the rest of your life. What better place than a school?!

I know that some people may not have had the same fulfilling experiences and feelings towards school that I did, so they are probably wondering what kind of magical school district I was enrolled in. Well, I am from a small suburb right outside of Pittsburgh called Hampton Township. Therefore, I went to Central Elementary School, Hampton Middle School, and Hampton High School. Go Talbots! (talbot-n: an extinct hunting dog…very intimidating!)

When I am back in Hampton for breaks, I have a job that I absolutely love. I work at UPMC Passavant Hospital Children’s House Daycare center, which was where I went to daycare many years ago! Over winter break, I work at the daycare where the ages range from infants to pre-kindergarten. However, over summer break, I work at the daycare’s school-age summer program which includes children from kindergarten to 8th grade. This is my favorite, and the reason that I am in the middle school education program at IUP. The summer program includes things like playing on the playground, swimming, reading, crafts, field trips, and movie days. The activities are fun, and the children are even better!

Although I love school and work, I will admit that they up a good chunk of my time! So when I do have spare time…

I love the beach! Summer is my absolute favorite season, and my family takes a yearly vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We stay in a house in Palmetto Dunes. I love everything about the beach- laying out, swimming, playing in the sand- and could spend all day on the shore! Another thing I love about Hilton Head is that everybody bike rides. It is so much fun to be able to enjoy nature while on your way to do some shopping!

So warm and sunny!

I am also a huge Pittsburgh sports fan, and so proud to be from the “City of Champions!” Our teams are great and our venues are beautiful. I like the Penguins and the Pirates, but the Steelers are truly my passion! I am a huge football fan, and black and yellow will always be my colors.

Here we go Steelers, here we go!

Being healthy is extremely important to me. I spend a lot of time making sure that I eat nutritiously. I have done plenty of my own research on which foods to avoid, and which foods provide me with which nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. Because of this, I have also developed a love for cooking! I enjoy putting a lot of time and effort into making myself meals of the best quality. I couldn’t go a day without all of my fruits and vegetables, but don’t get me wrong- I have a sweet tooth that strikes (often!)

I love the rainbow of colors!

Along with eating healthfully, I’m also an avid exerciser. I feel lost without my daily cardio, strength training, and stretching! Working out always gives me an energy and happiness boost that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I love challenging and pushing myself at the gym, but I also enjoy dancing, playing sports, and doing group fitness classes.

Nothing better than a good sweat session!

I also believe that there is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee. I cannot start my day without it! I recently just got a Keurig machine and I am obsessed! I love being able to switch up different flavors every time. Then there is Starbucks- okay I will admit it, I’m an addict! Every year I count down to the first day of Pumpkin Spiced Latte season. That drink is definitely my favorite, but I love them all. Any coffee shop is the perfect place to catch up with friends, study and do homework, or just relax, but I think Starbucks brews the best!

Perfection in a mug!

I like to keep busy, try new things, and just have fun with my family and friends!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your daycare experiences will certainly be helpful to you as a teacher…you will have a good sense of how children are at different developmental stages. It’s a good thing you are so conscientious of what you eat and getting exercise while you are young! Your body will thank you for it later! It’s the things you do NOW that make the biggest impact when you are older. Oh, how I wish I’d used more sunscreen when I was young!! 🙂

  2. Colleagues of mine and I have always believed the adage that teachers are born and not made. From reading your insights, you are well on your way to inspiring young minds to reach higher, dig deeper and question often. Always remember that it is that “bad day” that makes us the best teachers. Reflect, reflect reflect. The kids bring out the best we have to offer, and you have so much to offer; I am very proud of you!

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